Beginner Guide: Hello Qiqi!

An apprentice and herb gatherer at Bubu Pharmacy. "Blessed" by the adepti with a body that cannot die, this petite zombie cannot do anything without first giving herself orders to do it. Qiqi's memory is like a sieve. Out of necessity, she always carries around a notebook in which she writes anything important that she is sure to forget later. But on her worst days, she even forgets to look at her notebook...

—— Description from the Official Website for Qiqi

Despite the fact that Qiqi's life is a bit tragic, Qiqi still tries to live each day conscientiously. Qiqi's memory ability may not be ideal all the time, but she will carefully jot down every word you say in her notebook. That's why I develop the Qiqi Bot, to honor everyone who tries to live each day to the fullest.

—— Words from the Developer

So, let's start with some vibe from Liyue, and start the journey with Qiqi ~

Getting Started with Qiqi

How to Invite Qiqi?

Qiqi can be invited directly from or Discord Bot List. If you couldn't visit these two websites, you could also use this invite link to invite Qiqi to your server.

About Permission

Qiqi Bot has a default set of permissions that it critically need to perform the best in your server. But if you don't want it to have to include moderation functionalities, you could uncheck these permissions below while inviting Qiqi.

The Manage Messages permission is strongly recommended since when you search to play a piece of music by Qiqi, it will ask you to choose among options. With this permission, Qiqi could remove your choice after searching, which will make your text channel much cleaner and nicer.

Official Support Server

If you have any question, comment, concern about Qiqi, feel free to join Bubu Pharmacy with this invite link!


Bubu Pharmacy kindly invites everyone who likes Qiqi Bot to join ~

You could report bugs, provide suggestion, request new feature, or just ... ... drop by to have some fun.


Supported Language

Qiqi has just switched the design to be a multi-language bot. Therefore, it currently supports:

Qiqi will automatically uses the language that is the same as your Discord language. But if you want to manually change the language, check the usage of /setlang command.

Too Many Commands, Where to Start?

Since Qiqi is a powerful bot mainly focusing in music functionalities, music commands will be firstly introduced.


Qiqi supports playing music from following sources:

There are two ways to use /play command:

And the music, coming right up!


Also, you could view the music commands documentation for commands /bilibili, /netease, /spotify, ...etc for searching from different music sources.

Next, we could start with some other music commands:

Hmm... Seems all right! But what if I would like to play music from different sources with one move?

You could try to build a custom playlist by your will! And Qiqi can load all the songs (from different supported sources) in the custom playlist to the queue with one single command. Since this is a beginner guide, I won't go overboard with the details on these (but it is not difficult at all). You could check custom playlist documentation for more details.

All music software has a "favorite" list that I can store my favorite songs, does Qiqi have one?

Definitely! Qiqi supports cross-server personal favorite list. And Qiqi will remember your favorite list for you! Check more information in music favorites


In the beginner guide, it only introduces some key music function & commands for Qiqi. But there are a lot more powerful music commands supported! You could always check documentation about it.


Genshin Impact

Qiqi could also check information like characters, weapons, talents about Genshin Impact. And Qiqi has its own calculator which supports all levels calculations (190​). Check Genshin Impact commands for more details.


The Genshin Impact database for Qiqi is currently outdated (compatible with game version 3.8). Developer has currently working on this but this requires a lot of work.



Qiqi also supports moderation functionalities for you to better manage the server! In addition to the traditional moderation commands like /kick, /ban, /unban, ...etc, Qiqi also supports some powerful commands like:

And many more!


Qiqi needs corresponding permissions to perform moderation commands.

Qiqi will not respond successfully if Qiqi has lower hierarchy than the targeted user. Check more info here (FAQ, Q7)


Other Commands

Qiqi also have tons of commands for fun! They are simple to use with quick and nice response. The most popular one is probably /fortune daily command which you could compete with others for getting more "chosen luck"! Check more by using / in the text channel or viewing the documentation

Write at the End

There are many functionalities & commands that are powerful and convenient from Qiqi, and they are not hard, but it would be too much to include all of them in a beginner's guide.

Thus, here are some supportive resources that you could utilize while using Qiqi:


Lastly, hope you enjoy the music and have fun with Qiqi Bot. And...

I like coconut milk.

—— Qiqi